10 Facts About Peter Parker

In the last few weeks, we have made several videos here on the channel about Spider-Man. From villains to alternate versions of the hero. However, we still haven’t talked about the main one… the Spider-Man from universe 616. The Peter Parker we all know.

The reason for this is that… well, it’s complicated to do a 10 facts roundup with characters as great as this, that basically everyone already knows everything. But as some of you asked, here goes: 10 facts about Peter Parker. I’ve tried to piece together some less obvious aspects of the character, and I hope you’ll be surprised by at least some of them.

10 – The Radioactive Spider Didn’t Just Sting Peter

Between comics, animated series, and movies, we’ve seen Peter get bitten by that famous radioactive spider more times than necessary. Although the way it happened has varied depending on the medium, the result is always the same; Peter Parker, a school-age nerd, transforms into Spider-Man. But, it seems, many of us don’t know the whole story.

After that radioactive spider bites Peter, it doesn’t just crawl away and live a life of silent solitude, but instead bites someone else. Moments after leaving its radiation in Parker’s hand, the spider moves another high school student nearby; Cindy Moon. In Cindy’s case, after her powers began to manifest, a man named Ezekiel Sims took her away and left her trapped in a bunkerand years later, after being found by Peter, she became the superhero known as the Silk Web.

9 – He Didn’t Want To Meet Mary Jane

Over the years, in various media, Mary Jane Watson has been portrayed as Peter Parker’s great love, and this was often portrayed as a childhood crush. But actually, it wasn’t quite like that in the comics. In reality, Mary Jane Watson was only supposed to be a running gag in Spider-Man comics; a girl Aunt May repeatedly tried to get Peter.

But Peter didn’t want anything to do with this girl, running away from the date several times, making excuses to not even see the girl next door’s face. Then, in a fateful issue released in November 1966, all that changed when Peter finally saw Mary Jane’s face and heard her iconic phrase: “Admit it, Cat… You just won the lottery!” From then on, writers and artists had a hard time keeping Mary Jane away from Peter, which eventually led to her later becoming not only his girlfriend but his wife.

8 – The age of Betty Brant

Peter Parker’s first girlfriend wasn’t Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson. She was J. Jonah Jameson’s attractive secretary, Betty Brant. That’s right: in the first editions of Amazing Spider-Mangeek Peter Parker starts dating an older woman.

Much older, perhaps. Peter was 15 years old when the radioactive spider bit him and gave him his powers, he was a teenager in high school. Meanwhile, Betty has a job, a car and her own apartment. In Amazing Spider-Man #4Betty refers to Peter as “JJ’s young photographer”, implying that she is older than he is.

After the romance turned serious, Stan Lee realized that it could get him into trouble and reshaped Betty’s age – in Amazing Spider-Man #9, Betty says she dropped out of high school “a year ago” to find a job and help her brother pay off his gambling debts. Well, maybe this was the first retcon of Spider-Man’s history.

7 – He only met Harry and Gwen in college

Spider-Man movies and animations may have skewed his perception of Peter Parker in his high school days. He wasn’t Harry Osborn’s best friend, and he didn’t have two incredibly smart and attractive girls fighting over him like Mary Jane and Gwen. All he really had was a bully, Flash Thompson, and the rest just happened when he went to college.

Well, it wasn’t until Peter graduated from high school and enrolled at Empire State University that he met the characters that would fill the Spider-Man universe. With a new friend in Harry and a love triangle forming between him, Mary Jane and Gwen, Spider-Man’s crime-fighting stories began to fill with the intrigue of Peter’s personal life; something that fans embraced and eventually helped launch Peter Parker into the pop culture stratosphere.

6 – Already died 2 times

Like every self-respecting superhero, Spider-Man is dead. Twice, actually – though never for very long. The first death came during the 2005 “The Other” arc when he was beaten unconscious by the villain Morlun, who at one point rips out Peter Parker’s eye and then eats it. When Morlun tries to finish the job later, Peter uses all of his strength to defeat his opponent but fatally succumbs to his injuries. But don’t worry: two issues later, he comes out of a cocoon, alive and well.

And years later, in Amazing Spider-Man #700, we see him dying in battle with Doctor Octopus, who had taken over his body, becoming the superior Spider-Man. In fact Peter’s mind still survived and he later returned to his own body. Of course, his most famous death is probably the one from the Ultimate Universe, but since we’re talking about Peter Parker 616 here in this video, this one doesn’t count. If you want to know more about it, be sure to check out our Ultimate Spider-Man video.

5 – His parents were agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Until 1968 there was no mention of what had happened to Peter’s parents, Richard and Mary Parker, or what exactly they did. Having lived with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben since the debut of the first Spider-Man comic, no one was that interested in Pete’s parents, and the occasional photograph or flashback was all that was seen of them.

that until The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5when it was revealed that Peter’s parents were SHIELD agents sent on a secret mission and killed in a plane crash.

4 – Your parents were killed by the Red Skull

As Spider-Man’s writers turned over the web-head’s stories, fans were equally involved in Peter Parker’s life and thirsted for more stories about his past. This fan wish was granted when it was revealed that Parker’s parents were on an undercover mission within an evil organization run by the third Red Skull, Albert Malik.

In the comics, as well as in the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, Peter Parker’s parents died in a plane crash, but the difference between the two versions is that the official story in the comics shows that he was an assassin of the Red Skull. who sabotaged the plane, causing the crash. .

3 – He has a sister

One thing that few know or remember, even because Marvel tends to forget this, is that Peter Parker has a sister, Teresa Parker.

Teresa Parker’s true origins are uncertain. She is believed to be the daughter of agents Richard and Mary Parker, and the younger sister of Peter Parker. After the death of his parents, Peter moved in with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, while Teresa, whose birth was kept secret, was reportedly adopted. Many years after the deaths of Richard and Mary, Teresa was personally recruited into the CIA by Nick Fury. Teresa’s story is… curious, to say the least. Leave it in the comments if you think it’s worth a video just about her.

2 – Turned into a real spider

Among the strangest moments in Peter Parker’s life is the Six Arms Saga, a story that saw Peter Parker transform into a human spider.

This bow was even adapted into Spider-Man: The Animated Series and brought Parker with a mutation far beyond his normal powers, years after his spider bite. As he finds himself unable to stop his mutation – and as a result grows increasingly sick and desperate – he turns to Professor X and the X-Men to help him develop a cure. After they fail, another attempt at cure results in Peter growing four new arms, and thus the mutation accelerates, obliterating Peter’s human genes and turning him fully into a spider. It was pretty crazy business.

1 – Revealed identity to the world

One of the biggest Spider-Man stories in recent years was directly tied to the 2006 Civil War arc. Originally supporting Iron Man in the superhero registration act, Peter had strong convictions on the matter and decided to set up a press conference. in Washington, DC to publicly lend their support.

With the world watching, Peter took off his Spider-Man mask and told everyone “My name is Peter Parker and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was 15 years old”. While this news may have meant nothing to billions of people who had no idea who Peter Parker was, it had vast implications for Peter’s world, as villains stalked his family. It was around this time that Aunt May ended up getting shot at the behest of the Kingpin. Later, the world forgot Spider-Man’s identity thanks to a spell from Doctor Strange.

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