10 Facts About the Scarlet Witch

The witch Scarlet is one of the most powerful and complex characters in Marvel and has been gaining due prominence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. Not only did she star in a series on Disney+, WandaVisionbut will also play an important role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthe next Sorcerer Supreme movie.

But what do you know about Wanda Maximoff’s backstory in the comics? By the way, what do you think you know? Because just like her odds-altering powers, Scarlet Witch’s story has already undergone several twists and turns. But no problem. Today’s video is all about her.

10 – Came as a Villain

Scarlet Witch is a popular superhero, but she and her twin brother Quicksilver were once mutant supervillains. they debuted in X-Men #4 in 1964, where they were members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, led by the X-Men’s enemy, Magneto.

The reason for her alliance with Magneto stemmed from an event in Wanda’s youth, where Magneto saved her from a crazed mob of villagers. They were trying to burn her as a witch, and he rescued her. Having offered him a safe haven, she felt obliged to support him in his missions. Wanda felt a deep anger towards humanity, but Magneto’s lack of compassion for the lives of innocents turned out to be too much for her. She and her brother later abandoned Magneto and joined the Avengers.

9 – Student of Agatha Harkness

Many assume that Scarlet Witch was born with all her abilities, but in fact, sorcery was something she was taught. Her natural powers come from her ability to create “hex-spheres”, which are projections of psionic energy that disrupt reality. It can alter molecular substances or affect the probability field of an environment or target.

As a child, she was enchanted with the magic of a dark sorcerer named Chthon. As she got older, she learned various witchcraft techniques from a sorceress named Agatha Harkness. Agatha taught Wanda how to increase her concentration, mental projection powers, cause coincidences, and develop more control over her mutant spells. Despite her training, Wanda still lacked the skill to channel what she learned.

8 – Her Nanny Was A Cow (Seriously)

Shall we make Wanda’s story a little more confusing? A long time ago, a super-advanced geneticist called the High Evolutionary merged human and animal DNA. He did this to create an anamorphic race of intelligent creatures called the New Men. One of these creatures was a mutagenically evolved half-human cow named Bova, who served as the new society’s nanny and caretaker.

As one version of the story tells, Bova served as a midwife for the birth of Wanda and Pietro. She also took care of the twins when their mother Magda Lehnsherr (Magneto’s wife) ran away and abandoned them. Bova repeatedly tried to find suitable caregivers for the children, who were eventually adopted by the Maximoffs, a couple who lived at the foot of the mountain. Years later, they were finally discovered by Magneto. But don’t worry, this is going to get a lot more confusing later on.

7 – The tragic family with the Vision

Wanda’s reality-altering abilities alienate her from others, which is why she has found companionship with the syntozoid. Eyesight. Wanda and the Vision have had a long-running romance in the comics. They even received a title of their own, called “Vision and Scarlet Witch”, and they even had children together, the twins Tommy and Billy. Wanda used her magical powers to conceive the children. It felt like the end of a modern fairy tale, but her actions had dramatic repercussions. Little did Wanda know that the sorcery she used to direct the energy into her womb had the essence of the demon Mephisto.

Mephisto, through his agent Master Pandemonium, hatched a scheme to destabilize the Scarlet Witch’s control over her children. His first focus was to target the Vision when kidnapping and dismantling him. Vision was recreated without her emotions, which broke Wanda emotionally. Ultimately, Pandemonium claimed the children’s souls. The relationship between Vision and Scarlet Witch would never be the same again. These tragedies made her much more unstable, which consequently led to some great Marvel stories.

6 – Wiccan and Swift

Several years later, the young avengers appear. They include Billy Kaplan the Wiccan, an Avengers fan who has magical abilities. Looking for new members, the team of young heroes pulls Tommy Shepherd the Speedy out of a detention center.

Tommy and Billy then realize they are so alike they could be… twins! Well, later, when they meet the Scarlet Witch, it is revealed that they are actually reincarnations of the souls of Wanda’s children.

5 – She carries the essence of a Demon from birth

When Wanda and her twin brother Pietro were newborns, an ancient Demon Sorcerer named Chthon sent part of his essence to Wanda. Hence, her ability to manipulate chaos and probability and later, manipulate all of reality was manifested from her birth.

Chthon himself is part of the essence of a God called the Demiurge. For most of her life, Wanda has had this being waiting to take control of her body and use her as an earth vessel to gain dominion over the planet. With the help of the Avengers, his twin brother and his “adoptive” father Django Maximoff, Chton was defeated and Wanda was saved. Eliminating the being from her body did not take away her powers, as she had already been infused with enough chaos magic to make her an omega-level reality manipulator.

4 – No more mutants

“No more Mutants.” Those three little words illustrate just how powerful Wanda has become in the Marvel Universe. This takes place in the “Dynasty M” event, where Wanda decides to reshape Earth using her reality-altering powers to turn mutants into the dominant race and homo sapiens into second-class citizens. The scope of her powers caused the X-Men and Avengers to debate whether to kill her to save the planet from any future catastrophe.

A battle ensues that leads her to renounce Magneto’s philosophy once and for all. To put an end to all fighting, she uttered just three words and recast existence once more to how it originally was. The difference is that 90% of mutants on the planet lose their abilities.

3 – Who is the father?

For a long time, it was a known fact that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were Magneto’s children. But a few years ago it was revealed that the mutant master of magnetism in the version is NOT the father of the twins. But then, if that’s the case, WHO is their father?

Well, her adoptive parents were Marya and Django Maximoff, but it was revealed that the twins were not left with this family for nothing. Her real mother is Natalya Maximoff, Django’s sister, and she came from an ancient bloodline of Scarlet Witches, with Wanda being the most recent and powerful. Who is the twins’ real father then? Maybe we will never know.

2 – Not a mutant

Well, with all that information, I think you’ve already realized that…yes, Wanda and Pietro ARE NOT actually mutants.

In fact they were born as normal children and were kidnapped by the High Evolutionary, who used them in his genetic experiments and manipulated their chromosomes to develop the powers they currently possess. It’s safe to assume that after the High Evolutionary changed their chromosomes to give them these abilities, the dark sorcerer Chthon projected his spell on Wanda, amplifying his powers. And, of course, he still has the fact that she comes from a bloodline of Scarlet Witches. In short, she has a lot of power. From many different sources. The Scarlet Witch was basically born to be extremely powerful.

1 – “Nexus” of the Marvel Universe

Well, Wanda Maximoff may simply be the most powerful character in Marvel. It took the combined power of Doctor Strange and Professor Xavier to shut her mind off. And even then, her catatonic state didn’t last long. Her gifts are rooted in the Earth’s life force and she is able to affect multiple dimensions at once, even unconsciously.

As mentioned before, she wiped out most of the mutant population, erasing the existence of a Genome created by an ancient race of omnipotent beings called Celestials. And she did it on a multiversal level. Doctor Strange declared that her spell was so powerful and complex that trying to undo it would destroy the very fabric of reality.

And on top of all that, Wanda is a “Nexus Being” from Earth-616 (Marvel’s Prime Dimension). That is, she is an anchor of the existential spectrum of the universe. This puts her on par with other Nexus Beings such as Odin, Jean Gray, Franklin Richards, and Kang the Conqueror.

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