Attack on Titan 133 reveals Eren’s new Titan Shape

Attack on Titan Eren's new Titan form revealed

Attack on Titan is coming to an end in the manga, and took another step towards that by showing Eren’s new titan form in the newest chapter released.

Remembering that from now on we will have Spoilers for chapter 133 of Attack on Titan. If you don’t read the manga or haven’t read the newest chapter, it’s good to stop by. Now that we warn you spoiler come on.

The final arc of the manga made Eren himself the antagonist, since he declared war on the rest of the world, and seeks to eradicate anyone other than Paradis. With Eren now fully connected to the power of Ymir and the original titan, the Attack on Titan manga finally showed us Eren’s new titan form.

Attack on Titan Eren’s new Titan form revealed

In the chapter we follow Eren advancing while his titans keep trampling everything on their way through the world. We saw small glimpses of this new form before the current chapter, but now the final pages have been dedicated to showing us a complete view of Eren’s new titan. And he is scrawny and monstrous.

Attack on Titan Eren's new Titan form revealed

Eren’s new titan form is really hideous and macabre isn’t it? The manga is currently in the final stretch, leaving everyone eager for the latest surprises to come.


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