Biggest Enemies of Morbius

While commonly associated as an enemy of Spider-Man, Morbius is both a hero and a villain in Marvel comics, and it looks like his upcoming film set in Sony’s Marvel Universe will also deal with this tragic dichotomy.

A living vampire, Morbius struggles with his need to feed on blood while at the same time trying to fight injustice. As a result, he encountered many formidable villains and enemies, including some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Today, we are going to talk a little about this, the 10 biggest enemies of Morbius.

10. Blackout

If you still find it surprising that Morbius has a movie, know that the living vampire was once popular enough to have his own comic book title more than once. The first time this happened, back in the 1990s, one of his antagonists was the half-demon Blackout.

One of Blackout’s most powerful abilities is the power to extinguish any source of light, casting the location into darkness and allowing him to exploit his superior night vision.

Blackout also has superhuman strength, stamina, and speed, giving him the power he needs to fight powerful characters like Morbius and other supernatural beings like Ghost Rider.

9. Vic Slaughter

Vic Slaughter

Vic Slaughter is one of the most dangerous villains of Morbius in the comics and largely his creation. Well, it was Morbius himself who bit Vic Slaughter, an ex-mercenary and CIA agent, on the neck and turned him into a vampire. Incidentally, Morbius not only bit Vic, he buried him alive.

Well, it didn’t help much. At sunrise, he came out of his grave, digging with his bare hands, to take revenge on Morbius. And now he was a vampire with super strength, stamina, and, of course, the ability to turn others into vampires. Vic Slaughter is especially cruel and sadistic to his victims, and likes to call himself “the first son of Morbius”.

8. Basilisk

Basilisk is one of Morbius’ most significant enemies in the comics, and also one of the strongest. This demonic figure has superhuman strength and agility as well as thick, nearly impenetrable skin. He also has sharp claws and teeth, to complete the combo.

Additionally, Basilisk displays a degree of telepathic powers, though he is not able to compete with Jean Gray or any of Marvel Comics’ major telepathic mutants. He also has some skill in magic, although it is limited. You can already understand that he is much more than a super-grown alligator, right?

7. Blade

If it weren’t for the complicated situation with character rights between Marvel and Sony, Blade is a character that could easily appear in a Morbius movie, and vice versa. That’s because the two have a longstanding rivalry in the comics – and by the way, few people know it, but Morbius is responsible for a very important element of Blade’s story.

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It turns out that Blade is a half-human and half-vampire, a creature known as a dhampir, who while he has all the abilities of a vampire, doesn’t have his weaknesses, such as bloodlust. However, when he teams up with Spider-Man to hunt down Morbius, Blade ends up being bitten by the living vampire. This is what turned Blade into a “daywalker”, which is essentially a vampire who can walk in sunlight. The only problem is that after that Blade became bloodthirsty.

6. Marie Laveau

The interesting thing about Marie Laveau is that she is based on a real person. Laveau first appeared in 1973’s Dracula #2, and in real life she was best known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Marie uses her voodoo powers to conjure all kinds of spirits, including finding traces of vampirism on Earth.

Laveau wanted to preserve her life forever and stop aging, so she sought out Morbius in order to use her vampirism as a source of power. However, by this time Morbius had cured himself of his illness. So what did Marie do? She captured Morbius and used her dark powers to revert him to his bloodthirsty state… only to find that his kind of vampirism didn’t suit the ritual she imagined. I don’t know about you, but if I were Morbius I would consider this wretch my number one enemy after this one.

5. Spider-Man

Of course, we cannot fail to mention Spider-Man, who was the first and most
significant enemy of Morbius. The webhead’s powers include superhuman strength, agility, and speed, all of which prove ineffective against Morbius, who clashes with Spidey in terms of physical attributes.

Where the arachnid hero has an advantage, however, is in his spider sense, his ability to sense threats before they manifest. Spider-sense has always benefited him in his confrontations with Morbius. But this is a strange rivalry, as these two characters often find themselves on the same side.

4. Venom

There’s a confrontation that could end up happening at some point in the cinema, as Sony has the film rights to both characters. Venom is an even stronger and tougher guy than Spider-Man, as Morbius found out the hard way in history.” Venom: The Enemy Within #2” from 1994, one of the best symbiote story arcs in the comics, by the way. Venom is actually a lot like a vampire, feeding on human brains to sustain itself.

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Venom is also immune to many of the undead vampire’s powers, such as hypnosis. On the other hand, he can potentially control opponents through the telepathic attributes of the alien symbiote, which also contains vast multiversal knowledge. One hell of an opponent.

3. Carnage

And if Venom already gives Morbius work, what about Carnage? Carnage has all of Venom’s powers and abilities, but that comes along with a vicious bloodlust that ranks him among the deadliest villains in the Marvel Universe. Although Morbius needs food to survive, Carnage takes lives just for fun.

These two faced off during the “Total Carnage” event from the early ’90s, where Carnage caused terror in New York City. The villain proved too powerful for Morbius alone and required many powerful heroes to join forces to stop him.

2. Nightmare

Nightmare is one of Doctor Strange’s most powerful villains, but he also offered a threat to Morbius in the comics. Nightmare is the lord of the Realm of Nightmares, able to influence dreams and also feed on people’s anguish while they sleep, to strengthen themselves.

He is omniscient and omnipotent within his realm and is functionally immortal. His extraordinary interdimensional power also allows him to travel between planes of reality, meaning he can move between the MCU and Sony’s Marvel Universe. Don’t worry, it was just an example. But will…

1. Lilith

Lillith is the Mother of All Demons, an ancient entity powerful enough to be on par with some of the most powerful mystical and cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. Her primary power is the ability to spawn Lillin, demonic beings that are loyal only to her.

She is also capable of using magic on a tremendous scale, altering matter and reality, as well as transmuting matter and energy. The Mother of Demons first appeared in Ghost Rider Vol. 3 #28, from 1992.

To give you an idea, not even Doctor Strange could face Lilith alone, so he teamed up with several anti-heroes, including Morbius, creating an infamous and iconic group known as the “Children of Midnight”. Strange, Morbius, Blade and others fought the demonic goddess and won, but the fight was incredibly epic and important to the Morbius comic book plot.

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