Boruto’s episode 170 will bring a new Rasengan and Ibiki’s return

Boruto’s episode 170 will bring a new Rasengan and Ibiki’s return

Boruto and Sarada are currently focused on improving their skills. But while Sarada has been training with his father to improve the perception of his Sharingan, Boruto asked Kakashi for help in mastering a new version of Rasengan.

Now, with the release of a small preview of episode 170, we found that Boruto will also get Shikadai’s help in this training.

In addition, the episode is titled “A new Rasengan”, In a clear reference to Boruto’s jutsu, and will also count on the return Ibiki Morino, who apparently will be involved in some mission with Kakashi.

Boruto And Shikadai

Although Boruto has already managed to infuse the Wind Release in his Rasengan, we saw in episode 169, his technique is still not strong due to his chakra limitations, that is, our young Uzumaki will have to work around this problem in some way to master this “new Rasengan”.

About the interaction of Kakashi with Ibuki, it is still difficult to know what their role will be in the next episodes of the anime, but it will undoubtedly be very interesting to follow these two veteran ninjas acting again.

Boruto's next episode will bring a new Rasengan and Ibiki's return


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