hack// Sign Watch Order

.hack// Sign Watch Order

Have you heard of the classic anime series .hack//Sign? It’s a great show that follows the adventures of protagonist Tsukasa as he navigates an online world.

But with so many episodes to watch, it can be hard to know what order to watch them. Find out here what the best way to experience this classic anime is!

.hack//Sign Watch Order


  • Episodes 1-25
  • Intermezzo OVA
  • Unison OVA
  • Gift OVA

.hack//Legend of the Twilight

  • Episodes 1-12
  • .hack//Roots
  • Episodes 1-27

.hack//G.U. Trilogy (A summary of all three .hack//G.U. Games)

  • G.U. Trilogy
  • Returner OVA

.hack//Quantum Walking Party OVA

  • Walking Party OVA
  • Wired Prisoner OVA
  • The World-end Pallbearer OVA

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