Look at what is in front of you,forget about the past

forget past

What is past is left behind, forget about the past. The future is still not reached. Whatever quality is present you clearly see right there. To successfully start over, we have to focus on here and now.


When we expand the bulk of our time and energy recalling better and happier times (even if those times are rosier only in our memory), we generate feelings of unhappiness, regret, and anger. And what is the point of doing that? We can’t go back. There isn’t a “back” to go back to.

The past is something that was part of yesterday but is no longer part of today. Learn from the past and then forget about the past. Keep your energy and attention on today. Do not trouble yourself by thinking about the future. It is now that matters. Make your present worth remembering. Always focus on the quality and quantity of things that be accomplished today.

Light tomorrow with how you live today. Be thankful for each waking moment you have. Consider it a gift from God. You cannot let the past come again. It’s important to live in the present. We live the present because it’s the only reality. No need to wait until tomorrow what needs to be done today. Tomorrow is another day. We have to make our present productive.

However, there’s one indispensable fault in this viewpoint because we vaguely know anything about future events. The only time we have is now. Nothing matters more than this day. The only time for us to realize our positive self-concept and self-worth is now. How we relate to the present determines our future. Understand the present either closes or opens the doors to possibilities. We don’t have to expect something like more money, security, and affection to come to you out of the blue. We have to live the present and give what we willingly desire to give, without waiting. Yesterday is no more. The only time we have is now. So, let us begin NOW.

We have to leave our past behind and live life to the fullest today. Our future is yet to come.

The reality is always now.

As a wise man once said,

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift..that’s why they call it present

Master Oogway

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