17 Strongest Characters in Boku no Hero Academia!

Regular abilities can be challenging in a world full of people with unique superpowers. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to the mightiest heroes and villains in Boku no Hero Academia.

Don’t worry. We won’t give away any significant plot details from the manga. But we’re up-to-date with the series and will talk about recent stuff, so if you’re not caught up yet, be sure to catch up first to avoid spoilers from the latest parts of the story!

Strongest Characters in Boku no Hero Academia!

17. Himiko Toga

1 - Toga Himiko

Real name: Himiko Toga
Age: 18 years
Birthday: August 7

Himiko Toga is a villain who has the power to transform into other people. She does it once she has consumed the blood of the person in question. Initially, she could only transform, but in much more recent events, she discovers that she can replicate the abilities of the people she imitates.

At first, he discovers that he can imitate the gift of Ochaco Uraraka, whom he greatly admires. This doesn’t work for everyone, which leads her to think that her transformation must be about a person she loves very much or to whom she feels very close, as well as having an extensive and deep understanding of the gifts. And her abilities.

16. God of Explosions: Dynamite

Real name: Shoto Todoroki
Age: 17 years
Birthday: April 20

Bakugo is one of the main heroes of Boku No Hero Academia, but he doesn’t seem to be (yet) one of the most powerful in the series.

His ability allows him to create nitroglycerin using his sweat. With this power, Bakugo can create spontaneous explosions and direct them toward his enemy. He has learned to control them to move quickly and focus them more specifically on hurting enemies. He is still learning more about his ability and has gradually improved it.

15. Shoto Todoroki

Real name: Shoto Todoroki
Age: 16 years
Birthday: January 11

Shoto is considered one of the most versatile heroes in anime, with the ability to handle both heat and cold. Shoto is a hybrid of two parts in one body, the son of a fire-bending father and an ice-bending mother.

The hero uses both sides to balance and control his body temperature so that he is never too hot or cold. He keeps creating special techniques to harness both sides of his power, trying to focus on ranged combat and temperature control.

14. Deku

2 - Deku

Real name: Izuku Midoriya
Age: 16 years
Birthday: July 15

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Izuku Midoriya is the series’s protagonist and the successor to All Might. He obtained the gift from him through a transfer and gradually discovered that the One for All has many ramifications. At first, it was just a strength and power concentration skill, but then he begins to discover that thanks to the skill’s connection to his ancestors, he can manifest the gifts of the previous users.

Deku currently knows the ability of Black Whip and Float from the fifth and seventh users, respectively. Black Whip is a power that pulls black whips from his body that he can use to attack from a distance and restrain his opponents. Float allows you to float in a controlled manner. Both abilities have increased properties thanks to the power of One for All.

13. Edgeshot

Real name: Shinya Kamihara
Age: 34 years
Birthday: February 22

This ninja’s ability allows him to stretch his body to create shapes that stab his enemies, and his transformations are as fast as the speed of sound.

The hero turns his body into powerful swords that push and attack his enemies so fast that they can’t even see it coming. His transform form can be so small that he can even repair vein and nerve-level injuries. Logically, this makes it practically invisible.

12. Best Jeanist

Real name: Tsunagu Hakamata
Age: 36 years
Birthday: October 5

Tsunagu is certainly one of the more quirky individuals in the series, but he is a mighty hero nonetheless. Even after losing a lung in his last fight against One for All, he could restrain Gigantomachia alone. His face is never revealed; he likes to cover himself with jeans.

This is because his ability consists of having excellent knowledge and handling of textiles. With his gift, he can control the fibers of his clothing and use them to attack and arrest multiple enemies simultaneously. Logically, he also manages the clothes that are around him.

11. Kurogiri

Kurogiri Strong Characters My Hero Academia

Real name: Oboro Shirakumo
Age: 30-31 years
Birthday: May 5

One of the most important soldiers in the League of Villains, Kurogiri is Tomura Shigaraki’s right-hand man and is one of the most recognizable characters among the villains. His ability is interesting, as he can create a portal from the dark mist, transporting whoever he wishes to another location.

However, the gift is coordinate-based because to use it, you need to know the exact location where the exit portal will open. In addition, you can also create different exit portals to transport multiple targets.

10. Mirko

3 - Mirko

Real name: Rumi Usagiyama
Age: 27 years
Birthday: March 1st

Rumi Usagiyama is the number five Pro Hero and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Her physical abilities, speed, and reasoning ability allow her to take on multiple enemies simultaneously. She is not afraid of death and loves the rush she feels when she enters combat.

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She also has incredible resistance to pain, being able to stay focused despite being severely injured. Her willpower and determination in the face of her problems make her one of the most fearless and powerful heroines.

9. Lemillion

Real name: Mirio Togata
Age: 18 years
Birthday: July 15

Mirio’s power allows him to pass through objects. His ability is powerful, mainly due to his intense training to master his powers.

Mirio can pass through solid objects but can’t feel or breathe when he does so. The skill that the hero gained through his training is that he managed to overcome these vulnerabilities. After losing his Quirk, he has recovered it thanks to the power of Eri, the little girl whom they rescued in the mission against the Shie Hassaikai.

8. Hawks

4 - Hawks

Real name: Keigo Takami
Age: 23 years
Birthday: December 28

Keigo Takami is the current number 2 on the hero list. His mysterious and reserved personality made him look like a possible traitor, but little by little, it was revealed that he was working as a double agent to spy on the League of villains.

His wings unfold into individual feathers that can each be used for a purpose and even allow him to listen in on other people’s conversations. He can use them as weapons and propel himself with great speed. His only weakness is fire since all his feathers are burned. He will not be able to use them until they regenerate.

7. Dabi 

Dabi Strong Characters My Hero Academia

Real name: Toya Todoroki
Age: 24 years
Birthday: January 18

This antagonist, who initially seemed like a mysterious character, revealed that the origin of his power is nothing more and nothing less than his lineage. He is one of the sons of Endeavor, brother of Shoto Todoroki, and was rigorously trained by the hero to become his successor. However, he was presumed dead after an accident with his llamas and had been planning revenge on his father ever since.

Dabi’s body is not very tolerant of his flames, and he can burn himself if he uses his ability for a long time. This explains her burned and rotten skin. Her flames burn at over 1300 degrees Celsius, meaning she can burn wood, rock, and concrete.

6. Gigantomachia

5 - Gigantomachia

Real name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown

A being without much brain or feelings, created by All for One to become his faithful servant. He only listens to instructions from All for One and his successor, Tomura Shigaraki, and his destructive capacity is impressive.

It has a large size and a body so hard that the only way to stop it is to sedate it to stay still. He cannot plan anything carefully, so he is an enemy that does not present strategic problems, but his destructive power makes him a tough nut to crack.

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5. Eraserhead

Real name: Shota Aizawa
Age: 31 years
Birthday: November 8

With his ability, Shota can nullify the powers of others. Also, he is a master at hand-to-hand fighting and immobilizing his opponents. He has excellent agility and strategic ability.

The only weakness of his stun power is the requirement to face his target to nullify his powers and the loss of its effects if he blinks (which guarantees him constant dry eyes). He is injured in one eye, so his ability has been severely affected.

4. Tomura Shigaraki

Real name: Tenko Shimura
Age: 22 years
Birthday: April 4

The series’s main antagonist and leader of the League of villains, he has powerful abilities, despite his strange behavior and appearance.

The villain has enormous intelligence and fast speed, but his main power is the ability to destroy everything he touches. This makes Tomura not only a powerful enemy but also a terrifying one. After upgrading his abilities, his power has increased, with regeneration abilities. In addition, his destructive ability has increased, being contagious and affecting things that touch each other.

3. Endeavor

Real name: Enji Todoroki
Age: 46 years
Birthday: August 8

Enji can produce large amounts of fire, an ability some of his children inherited. Furthermore, he also has above-normal intelligence and strong deduction skills. His only weakness is overheating, so he must sometimes rest before continuing to fight.

The hero maintains a muscular physique and superhuman strength to complement his pyrotechnic skills.

2. All for One

Real Name: Shigaraki
Age: Over 100 (by a gift of longevity)
Birthday: Unknown

The mastermind behind the main villain of the series needs to be mentioned because, honestly, his power is terrifying. All for One has the ability to steal other people’s powers, but it’s not just that.

In addition, he can mix them, becoming practically invincible since he can increase those abilities depending on his need. Another thing he can do is forcefully activate other characters’ abilities to take advantage of them at his convenience. And as if that were not enough, he can grant abilities to other people and even corpses, creating what we know as the Nomus.

1. All Might

Real name: Toshinori Yagi
Age: Unknown (speculated to be over 40)
Birthday: June 10

He may be retired, but Toshinori is the strongest of all the characters in the series. The hero is also known as a symbol of peace and for being an inspiration in the community of the remaining heroes.

The character has various abilities, including superhuman strength and speed. Also, he has an extreme sense of justice, a lot of kindness, and charisma. If he could still fight (as he demonstrated in the third arc of the series), he would be able to take on the most powerful villains in the entire series.

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