Be Unique

We talk with many people in our day to day life. We all have a different way of thinking. Some people really don’t see what they have or what they have got! Many are overwhelmed with emotions. That is okay to get overwhelmed to release the past emotions and attachments!

For example, if we take a glass and pour some water into it. There will be three types of thoughts about the glass. A group of people will say its half filled, the other group will say its half empty another group will say the glass is fully filled. Now the question will arise in the previous two groups that “How the glass is fully filled?”. The answer is if we see it in a different way we will see that the glass is half filled with water and the other half is filled with air which some denies seeing! So, the same goes for our life, we don’t see what we are having but we expect more to have this is how we should not lead our life. We should be from the third group of people to recognise the air. Here, the air symbolises to the unrevealed possibilities or the chances that lie with us which we can’t see due to the materialistic worldly illusion that pulls us down every time. Try to think differently and give your best in everything.  Rise beyond the levels to taste ultimate success and the fruits of Success is always sweet!

Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals

Stories about our personal experiences can awaken our awareness, stretch our hearts, inspire us and help us to heal.