group conversation

5 Great Ways To Start A Super Conversation In A Group Situation

Starting a conversation is not always easy. Especially when you don´t feel comfortable with the people you are conversing with. We Often search how to start a...
Red Carpet

You Are The Actor or Actress Of Your Own Story

Many thinkers and writers, both past and present, have described human beings in this world as actors and actresses on a big stage, this life, to one...
be happy now

How To Be Happy Now in Four Simple Steps

Are you continue to read in your circumstances to vary earlier than you’ll permit your self to be glad? Most of us have preconceived concepts of what...
forget past

Look at what is in front of you,forget about the past

What is past is left behind, forget about the past. The future is still not reached. Whatever quality is present you clearly see right there. To successfully...
Be You

Be yourself and be the one who you are!

We all are aware of different kinds of self-abuse and they often are physical abuses. The kind of self-abuse I put myself through was quite different than...
MInd Roaster

New Year’s Resolution Ideas – Make This Your Best Year Ever

It’s unequivocal that the New Year is at hand. Many people are already engaging in reevaluating and retrospection of some life choices as the holiday season is...
Be Unique


We talk with many people in our day to day life. We all have a different way of thinking. Some people really don't see what they have...
national anthem

Interesting Facts About Our National Anthem

All of us have sung the national anthem and since school, stood up every time we heard it. But do we know enough about our anthem other...
indian army forces

Facts About The Indian Armed Forces That’ll Make You Respect Them Even More

The Indian Armed Forces, consisting of the Indian Military, the Indian Air Power, the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard are India’s defend and sword, which...
Never Give Up

Inspiring Quotes About Never Giving Up

While sometimes, in times of struggle, you might feel like nothing makes sense, nothing is working and you are worthless, you have to stop these negative thoughts...