Best Sasuke Uchiha Quotes!

Sasuke Uchiha is a well-known character in the anime Naruto. He started as a strong ally but turned into a formidable enemy. Sasuke carries the heavy burden of being the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan in the village of Konoha. His entire life has been overshadowed by his older brother, Itachi, who was considered a genius.

Sasuke’s story primarily revolves around his intense desire for revenge. He dedicates a significant part of his life to seeking vengeance against his brother for the tragedy that befell their clan. Eventually, he leaves behind his friends, including Naruto, and joins forces with Orochimaru, the series’ main antagonist, in his quest to become more powerful. Naruto and Sasuke share a strong friendship, and Naruto deeply feels the loss of his dear friend.

Sasuke Uchiha Quotes

1. It’s been a while since I closed my eyes… My only goal is in the dark.

2. Ya lo comprendo. Even if I must eat the forbidden fruit, I must be more powerful. I’m a winner.

3. You are right, you are special, Naruto, but not as special as yo!

4. Everyone is laughing. Ustedes laugh behind Itachi’s life. All together they laugh, being completely ignorant. His laughs sound like contempt and mockery for me, and I’ll change those laughs for screams and tears.

5. Naruto, it’s too late, nothing you say can change me! I’m going to kill you and have the last person in your beloved village! It’s time for you to make a decision! Kill me and become a hero, or die and be another of my victims!

6. My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate many things and I don’t like something in particular. I don’t have a dream because it will become reality. I’m going to restore my clan and kill a certain person.

Sasuke Uchiha Phrases 1

7. Just call! What the devil do you know about this? It’s not like you have a family! You’ve been solo since the beginning, what makes you think you know something? I suffer because I had these loopholes, how could you understand that it feels like losing everything?”

8. If you think I’m just a silly child who wants to be carried away by his emotions, it’s fine. Following the path of Itachi hubiese been very immature. If anyone else tries to ridicule the way I live, they’ll kill everyone they care about. Maybe that’s how you understand a little… the flavor of my hate.

9. Don’t cross yourself on my way, loser.

10. Sakura, you are a nuisance.

11. Was she having fun in her little world of loving fantasies? For my part, I have no reason to love her and equally, I don’t see the reason why she should love me.

12. You know what Naruto says, when the Ninjas are strong enough to be able to read their thoughts through the exchange of blows. Without even decir una palabra. I understand. You’ve always been naive, Naruto. Tell me, do you know what I’m thinking? Do you know what is going through my mind?

13. ¿Entonces por qué huyes? Do you have a conscience for having lied to me? What is it that you don’t have the value of telling the truth?

14. See that the four of us worked together. For a moment, I thought I could choose this path, but in the end I chose revenge. This has always been my purpose in life.

15. You don’t see the future, you only see the past.

16. I finally got revenge on Itachi. It’s like if the disgrace of the Uchiha clan had been wiped away. As if you were separating the Uchiha clan from the rest of the rotten ninja world. It could be said that this is what the village of Konoha always wanted. You always repudiated the Uchiha clan, now we will disappear from your memories as you always wanted, when you kill everyone in the village! By cutting that loop, we will be purified! It will be the rebirth of the Uchiha clan!

Sasuke Uchiha Phrases 2

17. No llamaría un sueño… Lo mío es mais una ambition.

18. I can forgive, but I will never forgive the village of Konoha!

19. When I enter the gym, I go to work hard. Papa will be proud of me. He will expect mucho from me, just like with my brother.

20. I am going to the battlefield, I will not let the village and my brother fall in vain!

21. Many things happened, but I decided to protect the village and become Hokage.

22. The Hokage created this situation. I will be the Hokage and change the village.

23. I suppose that whatever you say now is not the case. When I saw you, I decided to follow you to find out if what they told me Danzou and Tobi was right. But it wasn’t the only reason, when I’m with you I remember how things were before. I remember the time I spent with the brother I saw as an example, with the brother I loved. That’s why I get closer to you, but I remember how those days and those days felt and I understood you better. I hate the village of Konoha more and more for the suffering they’ve put you through. It’s bad, my hate is stronger than before. I understand what you want to do. Probably, because you are my big brother, you know that you have to put me on the right path. But because I am your younger brother, I will never stop, no matter what you say. Just as you were always there to protect the village, you will always be there to destroy it. Goodbye, brother.

24. Como si fuese a morir, no moriré. I can’t let Itachi’s reason for living end here. To make a real village, they will show you what a true Hokage means. I refuse to die!

Sasuke Uchiha Phrases 3

25. He was so young, and what happened that night… I thought it was all an illusion. I wanted to believe he was trapped in a horrible dream. But it wasn’t an error, it was trapped in reality! Mis ojos no son lo mismo que una vez fueron.

26. It doesn’t matter how much you use your eyes. I will use my hate to convert fantasy into reality! And your reality is death.

27. No matter what happens to me next. I will achieve my objective. It doesn’t matter what happens. I will obtain the power.

sasuke uchiha phrases 4

28. No idea how much hate I carry in my heart for you. Y que so tan fuerte me he come back for that hate. You don’t know me at all, it’s like we were strangers.

29. Although it is clear that once destruction came, my only objective was vengeance, things changed. What is destroyed can always be assembled and built. Las villages can be liberated from the grip of darkness. What I want now is to rebuild the whole ninja world. What I want, what I offer, is revolution!

30. Weaknesses? Listen, Naruto was full of weaknesses. He was un bueno for nothing. But he rose with his own strength and became Hokage. You don’t need to know who is Naruto now, you need to know the Naruto who managed to get here.

31. Apart from everything, you said that your little sister was crying, your mom is here and your dad is not. If it wasn’t because your sister adores you and your mother cares so much for you, you would be in the same situation as your father in the past.

32. No greater pain is caused by loneliness…

Sasuke Uchiha Phrases 5

33. Mi hermano fue quien siguió tu voluntad, despite the fact that he never spoke to her. While my brother was in charge of the clan’s responsibility. When he saw himself faced between the village and the clan. He killed his priests with his own hands. He joined his own clan, tarnished his name as a defector, infiltrated the organization that sought to destroy Konoha to watch over it. And after having died.. My brother was a ninja who held out longer than you. And he was proud to be a Konoha ninja. It is ironic that the ninja who best understood you were from the Uchiha clan.

34. If he’s not here, I’m the only one who can protect the village.

35. Naruto… you are one of the people I most want to face.

Sasuke Uchiha Phrases 5

36. Naruto… Now I remember the words you said to me once. That when you were with me, you finally understood what it feels like to have a brother… And when I think about it… That feeling… By the end I understand. I’ve been traveling around the world and these memories come to my mind a menudo. We were alone and we wanted love. We were kids living in a world full of hate. And from that point on, we went our separate ways… and we fought. But the time has passed and now that I think… Could it be that… just like the hope and the pain of my fathers and my brother Itachi flowed in me… I also understand your pain and your hopes, Naruto? You never left me, no matter what. And you never gave up, you got close to me when I was gone. It wouldn’t surprise me if you hated me, but I didn’t do it… You kept insisting that we were friends. And I even try to destroy it. You fought to stop me… at the point of losing an arm. All because you were my friend. You saved me. Those kids who fought for little ones… now share the pain in the heart of the other. When I travel around the world, tell me… that these feelings are not just my own, I’m sure it’s the same for everyone else. But… there aren’t many people like you. Y las cosas no van como lo planamos, solo míranos. This is true especially when it comes to the big bad things. I think it’s like praying. And until I can do it, I’ll keep strong. Somos nosotros… a quienes nos han confido la Esperanza. That’s what makes us shinobi.

37. It is a very common courtesy to give your name before asking someone else.

38. Está bien … Siempre y cuando puede ser una veces.

39. I didn’t want to die before killing my brother, but you… don’t let your sleep die.

40. I admit it. Yo… lost.

41. A while ago, a man tried to change the world on its own, ignoring the advice of others and seeking power by any means. He ended up sick. But at the end, his friend saved him.

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