The Best Kids Movies To Watch in 2023

Get ready for some family fun and entertainment at Mind Roaster! We’ve curated the perfect collection of movies for children that will have everyone laughing, feeling the drama, and unraveling thrilling mysteries together.

Our selection includes exciting premieres from 2022 and the latest releases from 2023. So, let’s dive in and embark on an unforgettable movie journey! It’s time to create cherished memories with the family and enjoy quality time together. Let the fun begin!

Note: Due to the rotation of movies on streaming services, we invite you to search for them in the available services depending on your geographic location.

Best Kids Movies To Watch

1. Nimona (2023)


Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Available on: Netflix

When a knight in a futuristic, medieval world is wrongly accused of a crime, the only one who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona, a naughty teen who turns out to be a shapeshifting creature he has sworn to destroy.

2. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)


Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Available in: Not available on streaming services

Miles Morales returns for the next chapter in the Spider-Verse saga. This epic adventure will take Brooklyn’s full-time Spider-Man across the Multiverse to team up with Gwen Stacy and a new team of Spider-People and take on a villain more powerful than anything they’ve faced.

3. Crater (2023)


Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family
Available at: Disney+

After losing his father, a boy sets out on a journey to explore a legendary crater on the moon. After living in a lunar mining colony, he will prepare for the move to another planet, taking his four friends with him on his adventure.

4. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always (2023)


Genre: Action, Adventure, Family
Available on: Netflix

After Trini’s death, the classic Power Rangers group assembles to avenge her death, only to find a formidable enemy. A new evolution of Rita Repulsa stalks them and intends to end them for good, involving several generations of Rangers in the process.

5. Matilda: The Musical (2022)

1 - Children's movies - Matilda 1

Genre: Comedy, Family, Musical
Available on: Netflix

In this new version of the classic, we follow the story of Matilda, a special girl everyone looks down on. But when she discovers that she has powers, she believes herself capable of anything and win the hearts of her classmates and her teacher.

6. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022)

2 - Películas infantiles - Puss in Boots The Last Wish

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Available in: Not available on streaming platforms

Puss in Boots finds himself with only one life left of his nine. In this incredible story, we follow him on an epic journey where he will try to find “the last wish,” the only one capable of restoring his nine lives.

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7. Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again (2022)

3 - Películas infantiles - Night at the Museum Kahmunrah Rises Again

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Available at: Disney+

In an animated version of the A Night at the Museum franchise, we follow a new protagonist assigned as a night watchman. Although he flatly refuses to work and does not like the position, once assigned, he will discover the wonders of the museum at night, but this will coincide with a tyrant trying to take over humanity.

8. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022)

4 - Children's Movies - Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

Genre: Animation, Drama, Family
Available on: Netflix

Guillermo del Toro, acclaimed Oscar-winning director, reinvents Carlo Collodi’s classic tale of a puppet boy brought to life by magic. This fills the heart of his creator, Geppetto, a wood sculptor whose soul is broken by the loss of his son. This beautiful story is animated with stop motion and contains musical elements.

9. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022)

5 - Children's Movies - Scrooge A Christmas Carol

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Available on: Netflix

The classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge in a new animated format was brought to our screens by the hand of Netflix. The miser millionaire will receive an unexpected visit from the ghost of his late partner, Jacob Marley, bringing him images of Christmases Past, Present, and Future. Will it be enough to change and amend his mistakes?

10. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022)

6 - Películas infantiles - The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Available at: Disney+

Drax and Mantis discover that, despite being human, Peter Quill has never celebrated Christmas, so they agree to make it unforgettable for everyone. They will travel to Earth to search for the perfect gift, hoping that Peter will improve his spirits after Gamora’s disappearance.

11. Strange World (2022)

7 - Children's Movies - Strange World

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Available at: Disney+

The Clade family is known for two things: their farm and the adventures of their long-lost patriarch. The son wishes the former would take precedence but cannot deny his father’s legacy. When the president begs him to embark on one last adventure, Searcher reluctantly agrees, but he doesn’t expect the affair to turn into a family job involving three generations.

12. Blue’s Big City Adventure (2022)

8 - Children's Movies - Blue's Big City Adventure

Genre: Comedy, Family, Musical
Available in: Not available on streaming platforms

Josh and his adorable partner, Blue head to New York to audition. Their goal is to enter as singers in a prestigious Broadway musical, but along the way, we will inevitably meet very familiar faces.

13. Disenchanted (2022)

9 - Children's Movies - Disenchanted

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Available at: Disney+

Giselle experiences a fairy tale again when, upon moving, she realizes that life in the suburbs is not what she expected. Her fairy tale turns into a huge nightmare when a wish goes wrong.

14. My Father’s Dragon (2022)

10 - Children's Movies - My Father's Dragon

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Available on: Netflix

Elmer Elevator decides to leave a city that doesn’t suit him to travel to Wild Island, where he will meet ferocious beasts and a friendship that may last a lifetime.

15. Wendell & Wild (2022)

11 - Wendell & Wild

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Available on: Netflix

Two demon brothers, Wendell and Wild, must face their archenemies, the nun Helly and her two acolytes, gothic teens named Kat and Raul. But when the crunch time comes, Kat discovers that Raul can’t see the demons, and he’ll have to enlist her help if this will be a fair fight.

16. Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)

10 - Hocus Pocus 2

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Available at: Disney+

Three girls make the grave mistake of bringing the Sanderson sisters back, once again, to modern Salem. Now they must figure out a way to stop the witches from eating the children. The world was rid of Winifred, Mary, and Sarah for the first time, but what happens when you play with magic? Well, magic plays with you!

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17. The Munsters (2022)

9 - The Munsters

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy

This film brings to the new generation the story of the Munsters, a family of monsters who move from Transylvania to an American suburb.

18. Drifting Home (2022)

8 - Drifting Home

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama
Available on: Netflix

Kosuke and Natsume have been friends their entire lives, but now that they’re older, they seem to avoid each other. However, fate leads them to meet where they spent their childhood, an abandoned building scheduled to be demolished.

There they reconnect and explore their memories together, but they lose consciousness when a strange event surrounds them. Upon coming, they discover that the building has begun to float in the middle of the ocean, taking both of them on board. How can they return to their world?

19. Pinoccio (2022)

7 - Pinoccio

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Available at: Disney+

Geppetto has always wanted a miracle. He has never had the grace to be a father, but one day, a fairy takes pity on his loneliness and turns one of his wooden puppets into a thinking being. But Pinocchio has the body of a puppet. Can he ever feel like a real boy? Also, can his heart remain pure and innocent despite all the odds?

20. Secret Headquarters (2022)

6 - Secret Headquarters

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Charlie knows two things: he’s terrible at baseball, and his dad is a nerd who works on “tech stuff.” They have an amicable relationship, but the constant business trips keep his father away from home for a long time. During a play session, his father is called into an emergency meeting, and Charlie decides to throw a house party since he has no adult supervision.

During the party, a strange combination of events activates a secret door that leads them to a superhero’s secret hideout. And that’s when Charlie discovers that his father has a huge secret.

21. 13: The Musical (2022)

5 - 13 The Musical

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Available on: Netflix

At 12 years old, Evan Goldman must move due to his parent’s divorce. Saddened to leave everything he knows behind, Evan starts on the right foot, declaring his bar mitzvah the best party his new town will ever try. Plus, he’ll have to navigate the typical anxiety of a 12-year-old newcomer. Soon, he will find new friends and connections who care about the same things.

22. Luck (2022)

4 - Luck

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Available on: Apple TV

Sam has suffered all his life because of his bad luck. One day, she discovers that bad luck is accurate, and she finds herself immersed in the world of organizations that manage the destinies of human beings. When his bad luck permeates a universe where no one can have that much, things spiral out of control.

23. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (2022)

3 - Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Available on: Netflix

When a mysterious stranger arrives from the future with a very dark warning, Leo has to rise up alongside his brothers, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey, in a fight to save the world from a terrifying alien species.

24. DC League of Super-Pets (2022)

2 - Dc League of Super-Pets

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Available on: HBO Max

Krypto the super dog, is Superman’s faithful friend. He has her same powers, and together they are invincible, defending Metropolis. But after Superman is kidnapped, Krypto must learn to work alone to save him, and improving his abilities is part of the process.

25. Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (2022)

1 - Paws of Fury The Legend of Hank

Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy

A hunting dog left to fend for himself finds himself in a bit of a predicament. A town full of cats needs a hero to defend them, and he’s going through a lot of training to become a Samurai. The problem is that the cats seem to hate him, and the villain wants to wipe the town off his map.

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26. Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022)

Minions 2 The Rise of Gru Kids Movies

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

In this new story, you will travel back in time to meet a twelve-year-old Gru, whose biggest dream is to become the best supervillain ever seen.

27. The Sea Beast (2022)

1 - The Sea Beast

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Animation
Available on: Netflix

In an era where terrifying sea monsters ruled the seas, the heroes who hunted them were celebrated, Like the great Jacob Holland. When Jacob stumbles upon young Maisie, he gains an unlikely ally on an epic quest to make history.

28. Lightyear (2022)

2 - Lightyear

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation
Available at: Disney+

The origin story of one of history’s most beloved space cadets: Buzz Lightyear. After spending many years trying to return home, the space cadet will encounter a terrifying army of robots.

29. Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022)

3 - Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation
Available at: Disney+

Chip and Dale haven’t been the stars they once were thirty years ago. They have been resting and living apart for some time, but when a partner from the television series disappears, they must unite again to save him.

30. The Bad Guys (2022)

4 - The Bad Guys

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation

The bad guys, as they call themselves, are infamous for their perfect crimes. After spending some time in prison and taking his companions out of it, Mr. Wolf will look for other jobs. But could it be that doing good is what will fill the void he feels in his heart?

31. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022)

5 - Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Available on: HBO Max

Albus Dumbledore knows that the powerful dark wizard, Gellert Grindewald, intends to take over the wizarding world. And he also knows that he can’t defeat him alone. He turns to New Scamander and his colorful allies for help.

32. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022)

6 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Available on: Apple TV

Sonic will have to leave his peaceful life in Green Hills to face Doctor Robotnik again, who has reappeared with an extremely dangerous ally. The positive thing is that Sonic also has a new ally, the fox Tails.

33. Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood (2022)

7 - Apollo 10½ A Space Age Childhood

Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama
Available on: Netflix

This story tells the first moon landing from the point of view of a teenager of the time, and from the point of view of the astronaut who managed to complete the mission. Also, we follow the boy with intergalactic dreams of his own.

34. Cheaper by the Dozen (2022)

8 - Cheaper by the Dozen

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Available at: Disney+

We follow the great adventures of a family with 12 members. The Bakers try to have a normal life among all the chaos and at the same time, manage the family business correctly.

35. Turning Red (2022)

9 - Turning Red

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Animation
Available in: Disney+

Mei Lee is 13 years old, and her personality is as big as her self-esteem. She is her perfect daughter, she tries to follow everything her mother tells her, but her demands gradually steal her individuality. When she hits puberty, her transformation is literal, as she turns into a giant red panda.

36. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (2022)

10 - Hotel Transylvania Transformania

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Animation
Available at: Amazon Prime

Count Dracula and the other monsters are back, but like we’ve never seen them before. They have become human beings! And Johnny, the only human in the group, has been transformed into a monster. But things can’t stay that way, and they’re desperate to find a cure.

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