8 Best Spy Series on Prime Video

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Spy productions, particularly those featuring CIA or MI6 agents, have always made for exciting television. Amazon Prime Video offers a range of spy series for subscribers to enjoy and feel like they’re great undercover investigators.

Some titles available on the streaming platform include original series like Alex Rider and Citadel and studio productions like Chuck and The Night Manager. If you enjoy a good marathon of investigation, suspense, action, and drama, it’s time to check out the eight best spy series available on Prime Video.

Best Spy Series on Prime Video

8. Alex Rider

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The spy series Alex Rider follows the story of a young 16-year-old boy named Alex, who is recruited by MI6 and discovers his unknown talents as a spy.

The series currently has two seasons available on Prime Video.

7. Hanna

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The Hanna series follows the story of a 15-year-old girl who discovers she is part of a genetic experiment. Although she lives in Finland, the tests were carried out in the United States, where she was born as a super soldier. The series chronicles her dangerous journey as she uncovers the truth about her past.

Hannah is a Prime Video series .

6. The Mentalist

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The Mentalist follows the story of Patrick Jane, played by Simon Baker, who works as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigations. Jane’s unique talent of solving serious crimes through observation sets him apart as an eccentric and extraordinary character.

All seven seasons of The Mentalist are available on Prime Video .

5. Jack Ryan

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The spy series, Jack Ryan, is based on the eponymous CIA analyst who is the show’s main character. In the first season, he embarks on a perilous mission after discovering dubious bank transactions. John Krasinski plays the role of Jack Ryan, and the show has already released three seasons.

You can check out Jack Ryan on Prime Video.

4. Citadel

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Citadel is one of the latest original productions available on Prime Video. The series revolves around a spy agency of the same name that its greatest enemy, the Manticore, has overthrown. After eight years, the protagonists (played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden) embark on a mission to recover the agency.

The Citadel series can be watched on Prime Video.

3. The Night Manager

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“The Night Manager” is a miniseries adaptation of the spy novel by John le Carré, featuring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie in lead roles. The story revolves around Jonathan Pine, a former soldier who becomes a hotel manager and takes on the mission of bringing down Richard Roper, a notorious criminal.

You can watch The Night Manager miniseries on Prime Video.

2. The Patriot

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The Prime Video original series, Patriot, introduces the character John Tavner, portrayed by Michael Dorman. John is a US intelligence officer tasked with preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear power. In the first season, John has to go undercover as a Middle Eastern pipeline company employee to avert potential disasters.

The series O Patriota has two seasons on Prime Video.

1. Chuck

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The spy series Chuck is a unique blend of comedy and action, portraying the life of an average 26-year-old man. His life takes a dramatic turn when he receives an email from his friend in the United States Secret Service. The plot spans five seasons.

Chuck can be watched on Prime Video.

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