Secret Invasion: Who is Dr. Rosa Dalton?

Secret Invasion Who is Dr. Rosa Dalton

In the second episode of Secret Invasion, a new and enigmatic villain emerges: Dr. Rosa Dalton. Her presence raises questions about her role and the impact she may have on the overall storyline of the Disney+ series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Warning, spoilers for the first two episodes of Secret Invasion follow! Continue reading at your own risk!

During the episode, G’iah, a Skrull ally of Gravik, begins to doubt Gravik’s true intentions and suspects he has been keeping important information from her. In pursuit of the truth, she follows another Skrull henchman working for Gravik and discovers a hidden laboratory. There, she encounters a female scientist named Dr. Rosa Dalton.

It is revealed that Dr. Rosa Dalton and her husband are involved in a secret mission for Gravik. Rosa’s specific task is to conduct research and exploit various DNA samples, while Gravik is searching for something called the Harvest, the nature of which remains undisclosed.

As G’iah delves deeper into Rosa Dalton’s involvement with Gravik, she uncovers intriguing information that hints at potential future experiments orchestrated by Gravik’s Skrull faction.

While the true extent of Dr. Rosa Dalton’s significance and the implications of the Harvest remain uncertain, these developments in Secret Invasion episode 2 set the stage for an exciting narrative and offer a glimpse into the potential directions the story may take.

Is Rosa Dalton From Marvel Comics?

Dr. Rosa Dalton

It’s important to note that Rosa Dalton is a character specifically created for the Secret Invasion series and doesn’t have a counterpart in Marvel Comics. This adds an intriguing element to the show, allowing the writer to explore new storylines and possibilities with her character.

The inclusion of Rosa’s research on DNA samples and Gravik’s quest for the Harvest alludes to a significant comic book storyline that may be adapted in Secret Invasion. However, it’s likely to take a different approach in the series. This opens up exciting possibilities for how the narrative will unfold and keeps fans guessing what surprises lie ahead.

What is the secret Skrull experiment?

In Secret Invasion, Rosa Dalton’s role seems tied to the creation of Super Skrulls. In Marvel Comics, Super Skrulls are an advanced form of Skrulls who gained superpowers by studying Earth’s various superhuman beings, thanks to the research conducted by a Skrull scientist named Dro’ge. This allowed Queen Veranke to orchestrate an invasion of Earth by disguising herself as a different Earth superhero.

In the series, Gravik has assigned Rosa to study the DNA samples of different beings in the MCU. Based on what we’ve seen, the Skrulls have acquired DNA samples from individuals like Cull Obsidian, an ice-based creature, the Extremis serum seen in Iron Man 3, and even Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

According to the Skrull interrogated in Secret Invasion episode 2, Gravik is using special technology to enhance Skrulls, which suggests that Rosa Dalton’s work may lead to the creation of Super Skrulls in the MCU.

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