Secret Invasion, the list of characters who are actually Skrulls!

Secret Invasion, the list of characters who are actually Skrulls!

As we delve into the second Episode of Secret Invasion, it becomes abundantly clear that Marvel is delivering on their promise of an enthralling storyline. These initial episodes have been a rollercoaster of surprises, leaving us with a pervasive distrust toward everyone. The Skrulls, skilled shape-shifting aliens, have successfully infiltrated every level of Earth’s society, and even characters we’ve grown familiar with over the years may not be who they seem.

After his absence since the events involving Thanos and the Blip, Nick Fury returns to Earth with a crucial mission: to prevent a covert Skrull takeover. Having formed alliances with the Skrulls in the past, particularly during his collaboration with Captain Marvel in the 1990s to rescue them from the Kree Empire, Fury is confronted with a disenchanted faction of these shape-shifters who now seek to claim Earth as their own. The Skrulls’ hopes of finding a new home have been dashed, leading to a vast conspiracy and infiltration that poses a grave threat to humanity.

Throughout the Marvel series, we have witnessed the shocking revelation that several beloved characters are, in fact, Skrull imposters. The list of these deceitful infiltrators continues to grow, and it’s truly astonishing to witness the extent of the Skrulls’ infiltration. As the narrative unfolds, we are left questioning the authenticity of every interaction and the true identities of those around us.

List of characters who are Skrulls in Secret Invasion

7. Everett Ross

Everett Ross

In the thrilling first episode of Secret Invasion, we were taken aback when Everett Ross, a former CIA agent portrayed by Martin Freeman, was revealed to be an undercover Skrull. This revelation raises questions about the honest Ross’s whereabouts and his potential captivity at the hands of Gravik, the leader of the Skrull Council who orchestrated this deceptive conflict.

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As numerous other humans Skrull imposters have replaced, many are held captive within an abandoned nuclear power plant, ominously dubbed “New Skrullos.” It seems likely that the genuine Ross was substituted by a Skrull shortly after the events of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Despite Ross’s initial arrest for treason, he was unexpectedly freed by General Okoye, and reports indicate that he subsequently joined forces with Maria Hill, as evidenced by the opening scene of Secret Invasion. Undoubtedly, Ross’s close ties to Hill and, consequently, his connection to Nick Fury have made him a prime target for the Skrulls’ infiltration and manipulation.

6. Priscilla Fury

Priscilla Fury

In a stunning twist after episode 2 of Secret Invasion, viewers were left astounded when it was revealed that Nick Fury is not only married but that his wife, Priscilla (portrayed by Charlayne Woodard), is a Skrull. The scene unfolds with Priscilla transforming into her human form just before Fury sees her, leaving us with lingering questions about their relationship. Does Fury possess knowledge of his wife’s true nature?

Is it possible that he has unknowingly formed a connection with one of his allies, or could Priscilla be an undercover agent working for Gravik?

At this stage, it appears more likely that Fury is unaware of his wife’s Skrull identity. This revelation aligns with the unfortunate pattern of those Fury has placed his trust in, only to be betrayed or deceived in some capacity.

Even the enigmatic “cat” Goose, whom Fury once believed to be harmless, turned out to have hidden depths. The revelation of Priscilla’s true nature adds yet another layer of complexity to Fury’s relationships. It underscores the challenge of determining who can be truly trusted in this intricate web of intrigue.

The Skrull Council

In the intricate world of Secret Invasion, we are confronted with a startling revelation: a staggering one million Skrulls secretly dwell among us on Earth. Behind this clandestine operation lies the enigmatic Skrull Council, a covert governing body holding powerful global positions.

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From influential world leaders to Gravik, their military leader, the Skrull Council is committed to preserving order for their people, even as Gravik’s extremist tendencies strain their relationship.

Episode 2 of Secret Invasion introduces us to each member of the Skrull Council, shedding light on their roles within this covert organization.

5. UK Prime Minister Pamela Lawton

UK Prime Minister Pamela Lawton

Pamela Lawton, an influential figure in the United Kingdom, holds the esteemed position of Prime Minister, serving as the head of the British government. However, in a shocking twist, it is revealed that she is not who she appears to be. The Skrull imposter impersonating Pamela Lawton adds fuel to long-standing suspicions that something is amiss within the corridors of power.

4. NATO Secretary General Sergio Caspani

NATO Secretary General Sergio Caspani

Giampiero Judica takes on the role of the Italian head of NATO, a significant position within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As the leader of this expansive military organization, he holds considerable influence and is arguably one of the most influential members of the Skrull Council.

As head of NATO, he commands a formidable military force tasked with upholding the agreement among member nations to provide mutual defense in the face of potential military aggression. This crucial responsibility places him at the forefront of maintaining security and fostering cooperation among the participating countries.

3. Chris Stearns – FXN News Host

Christopher MacDonald brings the character of Chris Stearns to life, a pivotal member of the Skrull Council who wields significant influence over the American public. As the host of a program on the FXN Network, an apparent reference to real-world networks like Fox News and notable figures such as Tucker Carlson, Stearns possesses a platform that allows him to shape public opinion.

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Stearns’s role as a media personality allows him to sway public perception and disseminate information according to the council’s agenda. Through his program, he has direct communication with viewers, enabling him to mold narratives, influence political discourse, and exert control over public sentiment.

2. Shirley Sagar – Location unknown

Shirley Sagar

Seeta Indrani brings the character of Shirley Sagar to the Skrull Council, completing the enigmatic group of influential individuals. While Sagar’s exact position and level of influence within the Council remain undisclosed, it is speculated that they hold a significant role, particularly in the South Asian region.

Considering the responsibilities and positions held by the other members of the Skrull Council, it is plausible to assume that Sagar occupies a critical political position within South Asian territory. Their presence in a crucial position suggests involvement in shaping regional politics and influencing essential decision-making processes.

1. Jack Hyuk-Bin – Korean Billionaire?

Jack Hyuk-Bin

The name “Kwon Hyuk-Bin” appears to be a nod to the real-life Korean billionaire known as the founder of Smilegate, a prominent global gaming company. This choice of name implies that the Skrull Council includes individuals representing the world’s wealthy elite. It is a logical assumption considering the correlation between wealth and power.

In aligning with the reality of our world, including affluent figures at the upper echelons of the Skrull Council reflects the notion that financial influence carries significant weight in shaping global affairs. The presence of individuals like Kwon Hyuk-Bin signifies that economic prowess plays a crucial role in the Council’s decision-making processes and overall strategy.

By incorporating the name of a notable billionaire, the narrative underscores the influence wielded by the wealthy within the Skrull Council. It highlights the recognition that money can equate to power. It affirms that individuals with substantial financial resources hold a prominent seat at the table of the Skrull Council, participating in crucial deliberations that shape the Council’s actions and the Skrulls’ grand scheme.

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