Secret Invasion: What Happened to the Skrull Homeworld?

Secret Invasion: What Happened to the Skrull Homeworld?

In Secret Invasion, new revelations emerge about the devastation of Skrullos, the original homeworld of the Skrull race. The Earth is once again confronted with a dangerous Skrull threat, shattering the thirty-year peace that Nick Fury had established. This dire situation unfolds due to a grand scheme orchestrated by Gravik, the leader of the Skrull resistance.


Following the exile of Talos, Nick Fury’s trusted ally, Gravik, assumes the role of a Skrull general. His ultimate goal is to manipulate the United States and Russia into a nuclear conflict, believing that this would grant power to his people and enable them to reclaim Earth. Amid these escalating tensions, Nick Fury and Talos find themselves on the run in Episode 2 of Secret Invasion, prompted by a bombing incident in Moscow and the tragic loss of Maria Hill.

This crisis provides a moment for Talos to reveal the events that transpired during the Blip when Fury was absent. Talos discloses a galaxy-wide distress call, inviting more Skrulls to seek refuge on Earth. However, this is an idea that Fury would vehemently oppose. Seizing the chance, Fury uses the situation to gather valuable intelligence about Skrullos, the Skrulls’ original homeworld.

 How Skrullos were destroyed in the Kree-Skrull war

During a train ride, Talos discloses the tragic history of the Skrulls on their home planet, Skrullos. They faced a relentless onslaught from the Kree Empire, and despite their valiant efforts, they were eventually overwhelmed. As a last resort, the remaining million Skrulls had to flee their devastated planet, scattering across the vastness of space. Since then, they have lived as hunted refugees, desperately searching for a new home to replace the one they lost.

Skrulls Homeworld

In the events of Secret Invasion, we learn that Talos summoned most of the surviving Skrulls during the Blip, a momentous period in which half the population vanished and then returned. While some Skrulls have established a colony, Talos reveals that nearly a million Skrulls reside on Earth. This revelation uncovers a significantly larger Skrull population on Earth than initially believed.

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This poses a grave concern, especially considering the potential influence of Gravik in rallying his fellow Skrulls to reclaim Earth. However, a member of the Skrull Council divulges an unsettling truth: Skrullos was lost due to their own eagerness to engage in war against the Kree. This revelation raises fears that history might repeat itself on Earth under Gravik’s leadership, prompting concern among Skrulls who wish to avoid further conflict.

When was Skrullos destroyed in the MCU timeline?

The exact timing of the destruction of Skrullos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) remains unspecified. Still, it is likely to have occurred before the events of Captain Marvel in 1995. At the film’s start, the Skrulls were already displaced, and Talos’ colony resided on the Kree border planet, Torfa.

The circumstances seem to have led Talos and Fury to uncertainty regarding the potential for peaceful coexistence between Skrulls and humanity. With their home lost and the Skrullos destroyed, the ultimate fate of the Skrulls in Secret Invasion will be intriguing.

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Secret Invasion provides us with fascinating new insights into the development of Skrull civilization on Earth and its complex history. We would love to hear your thoughts on the series’ direction and whether you’re enjoying it. Please feel free to share your comments.

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