The 28 Best Ed Sheeran Quotes To Cheer Us All Up

Music can speak to us like no other form of art can. We all like music. Whichever type of music there is out there, someone likes it. Music at times, seems to speak to our inner selves. Lyrics form part of a song. However, they are key in passing the artist’s message to the masses. It is certainly part of a song that most people relate to.

Ed Sheeran seems to possess the art of relaying a lot of himself via the lyrics of his songs. He blends lots of messages in his lyrics. His quotes are drawn from these lyrics, cut across different aspects of life. He enriches our view of life as well as our perception of it through the lyrics. Here are the best ed Sheeran quotes collected from Ed Sheeran songs lyrics.

Ed Sheeran Quotes


1.“It’s Ok To Be Not Ok.”  -Ed Sheeran

2.“If someone tells you to change yourself, tell them to go f*** themselves.” – Ed Sheeran

3.“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end”  – Ed Sheeran

4.“I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” Ed Sheeran

5.“Be nice to everyone, always smile, and appreciate things because it could all be gone tomorrow.” -Ed Sheeran quotes about friends.

ed sheeran song quotes

6.“What didn’t kill me, it didn’t make me stronger at all.” -Ed Sheeran

7.“The worst things in life come free to us” -Ed Sheeran

8.“It’s too cold outside for angels to fly.”  ― Ed Sheeran

9.“Pain is only relevant if it still hurts.” -Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran quotes lyrics

10.“The worst things in life come free to us” -Ed Sheeran

11.“If love what you can’t have, then you have to love what you’ve got” -Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Lyric Quotes

12.“Try to find someone with a sense of humor. That’s an important thing to have because when you get into an argument, one of the best ways to diffuse it is to be funny. You don’t want to hide away from a point because some points are serious, but you’d rather have a discussion that was a discussion, rather than an argument.”  -Ed Sheeran quotes lyrics

14.“Nashville is wicked. It’s like a proper music community, but it’s also quintessentially American. You bump into people there with cowboy hats that spit in jars and call you ‘boy.’ I just love that.” Ed Sheeran

16.“And they say
She’s in the class A-Team
Stuck in her daydream
Been that way since eighteen, but lately,
Her face seems
Slowly sinking, wasting
Crumbling like pastries
And they scream
The worst things in life come free to us
Cos we’re just under the upper hand
Go mad for a couple of grams
And she doesn’t want to go outside tonight
And in a pipe, she flies to the Motherland
Or sells love to another man
It’s too cold outside
For angels to fly
Angels to fly”
― Ed Sheeran song quotes

17.“Don’t hold me down I think my braces are breaking, and it’s more than I can take.”  ― Ed Sheeran

18.”As far as songwriting, my inspirations came from love, life and death, and viewing other people’s situations.” -Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran lyric quotes


19.“Tell her that she turns my cheeks the color of my hair”  ― Ed Sheeran

20.“You are the earth that I will stand upon. You are the words that I will sing.” -Ed Sheeran

21.“Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me” -Ed Sheeran perfect

22.“Be happy, always smile, and appreciate the little thing because they can all be gone tomorrow” ― Ed Sheeran

23.“And I will stop trying to fall in love again, and keep it a secret. It never works out anyway” ― Ed Sheeran

24.“I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” – Ed Sheeran

25.“Negativity isn’t the way to go. Smile more, eat some chocolate.” – Ed Sheeran

26.“You want to make sure that someone is there for you when you really need them, and not just there for you for the good times.” – Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran quotes

27.“I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house. If things go wrong we can knock it down.” – Ed Sheeran

28.“I chased the picture-perfect life, I think they painted it wrong.” – Ed Sheeran

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