20 Best Offline Games iOS and Android 2023

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A long time ago, playing on mobile meant spending hours playing the snake game or throwing birds at pigs. Nowadays, you can do that and much more, thanks to an ever-growing offer of high-quality games of the most different styles that hit stores every year.

However, at the same time that Android devices have evolved, it seems that the number of games that require constant connections to function has also increased. If this isn’t your thing, or you want something you can play even when your connection isn’t great, we’ve got the perfect list for you. Check out now 20 of the best games for the Google system that you can play offline.

Best Offline Games iOS and Android

1. Alto’s Odyssey

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Alto’s Odyssey is a game with a very traditional and very fun mobile proposal. In it, you guide a skier as he automatically descends mountains, helping him jump over obstacles, perform tricks, and outrun creatures that want to chase him.

The concept of the game is simple, but it works very well. With each departure, you get upgrades and go a little further, making you want to try again right away just to see where the skier will manage to get.

2. Horizon chase

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Developed by Brazilian Aquiris Game Studios, Horizon Chase is a racing game with a retro feel and a good dose of challenges. The game has a complete arcade mode with challenges in several countries, in addition to limited-time challenges that guarantee new obstacles and very interesting rewards.

The cool thing is that, although it was released in 2015, the game continues to receive updates and gameplay tweaks. In the most recent of these, he received tracks that were exclusive to the console versions and some additional cars.

3. XCOM: Enemy Within

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A game that made its debut on both home consoles and PC, XCOM: Enemy Within made a great transition to the mobile world. In it, the player takes on the role of a special force that has to stop an alien invasion from succeeding. In addition to needing to be successful on the battlefield, you will also need good management skills to set up the necessary structures to stop the enemy from another planet.

4. Civilization V

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From the creators of XCOM, Civilization V is a tactical experience that guarantees hundreds of hours of gameplay wherever you are. Whether through the power of war, technology or culture, the player can guide a nation from its prehistoric origins to global domination on a futuristic Earth.

5. Dead Cells

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Another game that was born on consoles, Dead Cells is an action game in which the player chooses his path and which items that appear along the way will stay in his inventory. The big thing about the game is that it is difficult and made for you to fail at some point: but, with each defeat, the player comes back a little stronger and goes a little further. With fast-paced action gameplay and plenty of variety, the game works well for both short sessions and long trips where your cell phone is your only companion.

6. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

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One of the greatest RPG series of all time, Final Fantasy hasn’t always had good versions for smartphones. Pixel Remaster changes this story by updating the first six games in the franchise, keeping the essence of their graphics and bringing great translations. On Android, you can get each game in the collection individually, and they all deserve your attention.

7. Final Fantasy Tactics – War of the Lions

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If you like Final Fantasy but are looking for a more tactical experience, Final Fantasy Tactics also has a very good version on Android. The game has a very interesting class system full of possibilities, a dense and interesting story and some of the best characters in the series. On cell phones, it just fails to provide very good support for traditional controls.

8. Monument valley 2

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Monument Valley 2 is one of those games that know very well how to use a smartphone’s screen, and don’t work so well in other contexts. The game features a series of challenging perspective puzzles that you can solve simply by tapping and dragging your finger across the screen. This is one of those games that, after a game, you leave feeling happier and smarter for what you managed to do.

9. Stardew valley

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At some point in your life, you’ve probably felt that the best thing you could do was to leave everything and go into the bush to raise pigs. Stardew Valley is not exactly like that, but the game that challenges the player to take care of a farm and develop friendships may be all you need to calm down and look at life with a more positive perspective.

10. Once Upon a Tower

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In Once Upon a Tower, you take on the role of a princess who has been kidnapped by a dragon. However, instead of waiting for a young knight to rescue her, she decides that she will try to escape on her own and, who knows, maybe also kill the dragon. It is up to the player to plan and act quickly, as the creature can decide to burn everything if it discovers the protagonist’s plans.

11. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Originally released for Xbox and PC, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is proof of how much mobile device hardware has evolved over time. In the role of a soldier who has lost his memory, the player finds himself in the middle of a war between the Jedi and the Sith and soon discovers that he can be the key player that will decide this conflict in favor of one of the sides.

12. GRID Autosport

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Born on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the GRID series of racing games reached smartphones while maintaining all the quality of desktop consoles. With excellent graphics, multiple modes and full controller support, this is the kind of game you show your friends to demonstrate all the power of the latest generation Android you just bought.

13. Minecraft

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Minecraft is that famous game that everyone has heard about and probably played at least once in their lives. The Android version maintains the classic visuals of the series, adapting to the palm of your hand all the construction and exploration options that made it famous. The game has a generous amount of microtransactions, but you can ignore them all and still find hundreds of hours of fun.

14. Fallout Shelter

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In Fallout Shelter, the player needs to run a nuclear shelter and ensure that the entire population stays alive while a nuclear war rages outside. In addition to making sure everyone is happy, you’ll need to create structures, send adventurers outside to collect resources, and make sure the creatures and mutants that live outside don’t come in and kill everyone overnight.

15. Sea ​​battle 2

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Sea Battle 2 is nothing less than the popular Sea Battle game adapted for your smartphone screen. While simple, the concept of blowing up enemy ships while protecting your own is still quite fun. In the game, you can train against the AI ​​and, as soon as you feel ready, go online to face other players from all over the world.

16. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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The best known game in the Castlevania series, Symphony of the Night has won a great version for the mobile world. With controls that adapt well to touch screens and a new translation, the game brings an excellent mix of combat, exploration and discovery of secrets that lead to two castles full of dangers.

17. Pocket City

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Pocket City is a city management game in which you’ll build houses, roads, and the necessary infrastructure for a large metropolis to grow and prosper. Once everything is in place, you’ll still need to deal with taxes, politicians, and natural disasters, keeping your population happy and preventing them from deciding to leave. The game has a free version with ads, but you can make a single payment to get rid of them and have the game forever.

18. Reigns

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Reigns is like Tinder, but instead of pairing with people who will never reply to your messages, here you swipe left or right to decide the future of a kingdom. Simple to play, the game has a decision system full of possibilities and, even when everything goes wrong and your population revolts, you can always have fun with the final result.

19. Streets of Rage 4

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Streets of Rage 4 is an updated version of SEGA’s classic street fighting series, which gained updated mechanics and a new generation of characters by the hands of Lizard Cube The mobile version works just as well as the one made for consoles, allowing the player to use each hero’s power to create unique combos and clear the streets of Wood Oak City from crime.

20. TMTN: Shredder’s Revenge

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Much like Streets of Rage 4, Shredder’s Revenge is the latest game starring the Ninja Turtles, which is free fun for both those who play alone or in multiplayer. Here you choose one of four turtles and take to the streets to beat up the Foot Clan members and stop the Shredder’s new plan. The best part of the game is that you can play it for free if you already have a Netflix subscription.

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